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Sunshine Coast escorts

Winter weather; any place to go? Anywhere could provide warm sunshine away from cold winter and the bustle of the big cities? Yes. I know. It is Sanya in China. Why? Please include me to have a virtual tour before you determine to put your foot on this marvelous land. Lying on the southernmost tip of Hainan Island, the city of Sanya is skirted by mountains on three sides and its 180KM long coast is covered with whitish fine sand.escort Sunshine Coast 
Those who are keen on sunshine, sand, beach, swimming, golfing and relaxation can not feel boring at Sanya. With 300 fine days per year, Sanya is a famed tourist city and wintering resort. The ocean sports buffs will have lots of fun with so many sports options like diving, surfing and motorboat racing..etc. Alternatively, you are able to take things easy like strolling or fishing. There are many other nice choices for you. All these give Sanya a distinctive tropical oceanic landscape with a favorable climate which includes gentle sunshine, magnificent seawater, beaches, green vegetation and pure air.
Possessing quite a few charming harbors, Sanya may be the paradise for honeymooners and vacationers in China. Besides, it is the house to many ethnic groups such as for instance Li, Miao and Hui. Here, you will start your culture trip, admire stunning natural landscape, visit annual Miss World Contest and Xinsilu(new silk road) Model Contest Finals, enjoy International Wedding Festival and International Coconut Festival, talk with the villagers in south China, communicate with the localities even live with them, and know more concerning the south custom and culture in China.
The major attractions are:
Tianya Haijiao
Located at the foot of Xiama Hill in town of Tianya, 24km west of Sanya, Tianya Haijiao using its irresistible witchery, recently, attracts countless tourists throughout the world. Tianya Haijiao means "the conclusion of the sky and the corner of the ocean" in Chinese. The overall plan of the scenic spot includes a land section of 10.4 square kilometers and a sea section of 6 square kilometers. Odd rocks are erecting under the azure sky and coconut trees are dancing in the wind nearby the blue sea. Tianya Haijiao has been laid out as a lovely spot by the area government.Escort Engine Services
Yalong Bay
Honored as "Oriental Hawaii", Yalong Bay located at Hainan Island of Sanya is a well-known scenic area. It is 24km from the downtown. Yalong Bay stretches from east to west, 7km long and 50m wide. The bay covers 50 square kilometers of sea area and there are five islands. The water here's magnificent, reflecting the blue sky and white sand underneath the depths. You may go to the Yalong Bay Central Square, Butter-fly park, Sea Shell Museum, and Yalong Bay supplies a great number of facilities including tennis course, golf course, underwater world activities etc. Yalong Bay simply should not be missed for your China tour. 
Dadonghai Beach
Dadonghai Beach(Dadonghai) is among Sanya's cleanest beaches, situated about 3km from the middle of the city. Known as the Golden Coast in China, it is famous for its sunshine, coconut trees, sand beach, clouds, and the blue sea water. Water sports are popular and there are many small restaurants and bars serving up delicious snacks and beverages.
Recommeded Sanya Tours:
Day 1:
Upon your arrival at Sanya, our local guide will meet you and escort you to your hotel.
Day 2:
The highlight of today sightseeing is a leisurely trip of West Island (Wuzhizhou Island as alternative).
Day 3:
Certainly the focal point of any trip to Sanya must be the End of the Earth(Tianya Haijiao) and Nanshan Buddha Cultural Area.
Day 4:
Two full days of sightseeing has earned you per day free at leisure to savor the sunshine at Yalong Bay.
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