Sunday, 25 September 2016

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Greetings to all my colleagues who work and strive to make Google and one other Search Engines happy.

From the about 10 to 12 years back a very sharp gal had a news letter dedicated mostly to SEO concepts and I learned a number of things from her and her approach to the riddles of what's right, what's white and how not to lose your PR or page or whatever it's we are trying to accomplish. Actually about 18 years back when I started designing internet sites I went along to the pages of the Gods, IBM, Microsoft, Norton, Intel, etc. and found they were not worried because they were so famous they didn't and still don't need to be determined by Search Engines to be found.escort Cairns

Then came your day I realized I did not understand how to SEO a multilingual website. Now which was rough on the ego and a page I had just converted from English to Spanish, English, Italian and French dropped its position by 8 pages and went from the PR of 4 to a 0. Therefore, that is how this treatise or blog came about. So here we go, everyone has his or her opinions but of this type, It is best to read it well, it's caused by nearly a thousand clients with multilingual pages. Ideally, if you are likely to have a multilingual site it could be best to have separate domains and completely separate files. Now that's not at all times possible but I did so separate when I could by utilizing and and when I couldn't each language has its folder underneath the principal language including copies of the Images and all the sub folders. Therefore, each language appears like an alternative site. Why you ask? Can it be necessary to go to that extreme? Well it's related to a few things; first, the spiders or robots are unilingual. They speak the language assigned in the Metas at the top of the page and you'd better have the language specified. When you have another language on the page you'd better contain it in quotes or brackets and so the robot will ignore it otherwise when it cannot recognize the language, it stops reading. Meaning the remaining text is useless. Secondly the SE's will vary for every language. German like is not, each language has its version of the search engines. Needless to say, it should be obvious that your keywords in English are meaningless in Spanish and so on, so you have to rewrite the Metas for every language like the Title, Description, Language, Keywords, Key Phrases

No offense to PHP friends but I still don't declare that the very first page, the Index be a PHP. I hold that it should be a clear HTML5 index and please do utilize the code to spot which system you are using, even PHP has fun with code from version 4 not employed in version 5. Old Java code is not employed in the new browsers giving a message of unsigned code. Now obviously we've to analyze our keywords and if you should be not experienced in the 2nd languages then get some assistance and if you or someone else translates the page from English to state Spanish make sure the individual carrying it out is current with the language. There are many variations of Spanish but there's a widespread common form but change is constant. I translated an Andes Mountain climbing site in German to attract German tourists to South America, I did so my search on keywords and grammar checks, and spelling checks, all was perfect. So I sent it to a tour guide friend of mine in Germany for his comments, I have been stationed in Germany for nearly 2 yrs in Heidelberg and spoke fluent German.Escort Engine Services

I won't bother starting a long tirade about correct grammar, spelling and accents. As a French speaker, I am highly annoyed when someone writes if you ask me without accents. We don't demand as much in English while they do in other languages. Proofread and proofread again. There are a number of excellent programs to check on spelling and grammar and usage and they're much better than Microsoft Word. If you're planning to work multilingual, invest in the various tools you will need and find some friends overseas. Try, I've and have friends around the world. When I really do a niche site in more than one language, I usually change the backdrop colors for every language and often choose different photos for the very first page wanting to be more in tune with this speakers taste. 

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